Call Governor Kasich and Ohio House/Senate Representatives to voice your strong objection to opening public parks in Ohio for fracking

Ohio lawmakers add budget provision that could open state parks to fracking


CLEVELAND, May 3 (Reuters) - Ohio legislators took a step toward allowing fracking in state parks, adding a provision in a pending budget that would strip the governor of the ability to control the issuing of licenses for the oil and gas drilling practice that has raised environmental concerns.

The provision, added on Tuesday by the Republican-controlled House, would allow the state legislature instead of the governor to control appointments to the Oil and Gas Commission responsible for issuing drilling licenses for state lands.  Read more here.


We must urge the BLM to cancel its plan to lease out, up to 40,000 acres of the Wayne National Forest to fracking operations. The damage that such a large scale project could inflict on the forest and the rare and threatened wildlife species that depend on it is tremendous. 

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In December 2016 and March 2017, the Bureau of Land Management leased a total of 1900 acres of Ohio's only national forest to fracking operations. They will continue to lease up to 40,000 acres of Wayne National Forest to oil and gas unless we show overwhelming public support for the Wayne.

The OEC, Center for Biological Diversity, Heartwood and Sierra Club are filing suit in federal court to stop the lease of up to 40,000 acres of Wayne National Forest to oil and gas operations. Donate today to fund their fight to save the Wayne!  The Wayne, which rests in the foothills of Appalachia, is Ohio's only national forest. The impacts of drilling and fracking this critical habitat will devastate endangered species and degrade this beautiful recreational space.   Please give today, and you can help secure lasting protections for the Wayne!

Stop the Auctioning of Wayne National Forest for Oil

We have over 100,000 signatures now, our goal is 150,000.  

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Wayne National Forest is located in Southeastern Ohio. Among rare plants and abundant wildlife, a large portion of the Wayne runs along the Ohio River, which supplies drinking water for 3-5 million people. Despite the risk of contamination, our beloved forest is still in danger of fracking. The United States Bureau of Land Management is planning to hold auctions every quarter until at least 18,000 acres will be leased.  Please add your name to the petition and show your support for the Wayne.  

Buckeye Environmental Network (BEN, formerly Buckeye Forest Council) and ACFAN (Athens County Fracking Action Network) have been fighting to prevent the leasing of Wayne National Forest since 2011, when 7 parcels in the Athens District came up for sale.  These parcels were pulled from the Dec. 2011 sale based on widespread community opposition. Unfortunately, the process restarted with parcels in the Marietta unit, mostly in Monroe County, going up for sale in the fall of 2016. In spite of both science and appeals from over 100,000 people, Kathleen Atkinson, U.S. Forest Service Regional Forester, allowed the Dec. 13, 2016 and March 23, 2017, BLM auctions to take place.

The Center for Biological Diversity (CBD) is now leading a coalition of environmental organizations, including Sierra Club, Heartwood, and the Ohio Environmental Council (OEC), in filing an intent to sue the government for this illegal and very dangerous attack on WNF.  If anyone who uses the Wayne would like to help CBD, Sierra Club, or OEC with standing in their lawsuit, please join the organization of your choice and let us know of your interest, specifically HOW you use the Wayne. Contact and ACFAN will pass along your name, contact info, and statement of your connection to the Wayne. The first priority is people who use the Marietta district, although parcels in the Athens District may also come up for auction. 

See and acfan’s Wayne page for history and more information.

Tony Scardina is supervisor of Wayne National Forest

Tony Scardina either doesn't know, or doesn't care, about the risks that Hydraulic Fracturing poses to the wildlife in the Wayne, to local communities, or to the people that rely on drinking water from the the Ohio River Basin.

After reading the article above, please write a letter to the editor and offer a fact based counter narrative to what Hydraulic fracturing in WNF would really look like. Many states, such as WV and PA have long suffered at the hands of gas extraction, and have research that shows the true costs of fracking. also has a rich supply of well researched information.  


Check out the link below, Sierra Club has taken the guess work out of how to write a successful letter to the editor. 


We need everyone to write to their local papers (especially if they live in Ohio) about opposing fracking in Wayne National Forest. Then once that letter gets published, please email us the article through our contact us page. 


Kathleen Atkinson (USFS Regional Forester) @ 414-297-3765
Tom Tidwell (Chief USFS) @ (202) 205-8439
Dan Jiron (Assoc Chief USFS) @ (202) 205-1779

Sherrod Brown @ (513) 684-1021
Rob Portman @ 513-684-3265


and say something like this:

Ask them to openly oppose the leasing of our public land for fracking. Also please ask them to urge those with the authority (such as Kathleen Atkinson) to withdraw consent and withdraw the parcels slated for sale! Kathleen Atkinson CAN do this (contrary to what her office staff may tell you), just as Wayne Supervisor Anne Carey did in 2011. 

If you leave a message with her staff, please tell them you’d like to send Ms. Atkinson evidence of NEW INFORMATION on the dangers of fracking (since their last forest plan was written in 2006, examples of new information would be the official link between fracking and earthquakes, the house fires in Colorado attributed to drilling activities, and the Indiana bat facing the threat of white-nose syndrome, etc). Please request acknowledgment of your e-mail. Send emails to; cc Judi Henry: Atkinson has not properly evaluated fracking as required by law, but stated that only “new information” will make her change her mind and withdraw consent. Feel free to send her any of the research linked on ACFAN’s ( research page or anything else you find important.

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