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"Mixed Mesophytic Forests are biologically diverse temperate regions that represent relics of the ancient mesic forests.  These regions are considered endangered as over 95 percent of this habitat, perhaps more, has been converted or degraded at some point in the last 200 years. Only a few very small and scattered fragments of undisturbed or old-growth forests still remain, most less than a few hectares in size" (Davis 1993 and 

Mixed mesophytic forests, often referred to as Mother forests, are the epitome of diversity and are made up of 80 or more species of trees and thousands of herbaceous plants, shrubs, fungi, ferns and countless other species.

-David Ackerman,

Sierra Club Biologist/Naturalist

Wayne National Forest is one of the most unique areas in America!


WNF is part of a mixed mesophytic forest-which is a compilation of about 10 different forest types including Mesophytic forests, Appalachian cove forests, Dry-mesic oak forests and hemlock-northern hardwood forests to name a few.  These forests are one of the most biologically diverse temperate forest regions on earth.  

Large areas of contiguous,

unfragmented forest are rare, endangered, and must be protected on federal land, the only place where it can be protected at this scale!

-Heather Cantino


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