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An environmental conservation organization defending Ohio's Appalachian communities by celebrating and protecting Ohio's only National Forest.

North American Pipeline and Oil & Gas Infrastructure Proposals

This is a map depicting all of the following:

1. All known North American pipeline proposals

2. Those pipelines that have yet to be documented by the EIA's Natural Gas Pipeline Network mapping team

3. EIA documented pipelines more accurately mapped to the county level (i.e., select northeastern pipelines)

4. The current Keystone XL pipeline and the Keystone XL expansion proposal rectified to the county level in NebraskaSouth DakotaOklahoma, and Texas

Ohio Shale Oil and Gas Viewer

While many shale plays across the United States are experiencing a period of contraction (with low gas prices often cited as the primary reason), drilling activity in Ohio's Utica Shale has been experiencing a rapid expansion.  Ohio sits on the western edge of both the Utica and Marcellus Shale formations, but conditions are such that the Marcellus Shale is all but being ignored in Ohio.

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