Forest Planning 101 Workshops in Nelsonville and Marietta

Wayne National Forest's Land Management Plan is being revised and public input is critical to ensure USFS knows what the people want. The plan will determine what happens to the forest over the next decade. This encompasses everything from prescribed burning, logging, and drilling to trails, campgrounds, and protected Special Areas. If there's something you'd like to see changed (or something you'd like to see left alone) now's your chance to get involved!

Ohio Environmental Council and The Wilderness Society will lead two workshops this weekend to help the public to effectively participate in this process. Keep Wayne Wild volunteers will be present at both meetings and are happy to stay in touch with you and help answer questions you have for us.

Saturday June 2nd 12pm-2pm

95 W Washington St. Nelsonville, OH

Saturday June 2nd 4pm-6pm

300 4th St. Marietta, OH

#actionalert #landmanagementplan


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