Urgent: Say NO to Anti-Protest Bill SB250

Anti-protest legislation has been introduced in a number of states and has already been passed in Iowa and Louisiana, making "critical infrastructure" protests a FELONY. Protestors at L'Eau Est La Vie Camp protesting the Bayou Bridge Pipeline in Louisiana have already been charged with felonies under this legislation.

In Ohio SB250 was introduced by Senator Hoagland as an attempt to discourage pipeline protests. It violates Ohioans’ rights to free speech and free association, and labels those acts as crimes. The bill’s vague language could entrap landowners with infrastructure on their property and paves the way for industry to use eminent domain for pipelines and power lines and to use language in this bill to claim landowners are “impeding” their commercial interests.

Next Wednesday, Nov 14th the Senate Judiciary hearing will be held in Columbus.

Here are 2 things you can do:

1) Call your senator and tell them to vote NO on SB250! You can look up their number here.

2) Attend the hearing next Wednesday. If you would like to speak at the hearing on Wed you must submit your testimony by 9am on Tues to Sen. Bacon (chair) SD03@ohiosenate.gov. Be sure to fill out and include this form.


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