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Published on Mar 23, 2017

Appalachia Resist is a collective of rural activists that formed in 2012 in a mostly working class community with a long history of fossil fuel extraction. We use direct action as a tactic to respond to the fracking industry in our region. We coordinate and cooperate with those working against the extraction industry and in solidarity with those working on social justice campaigns.
Information Correction: The BLM will be auctioning off the land at the Wayne, as opposed to ODNR as it says in the video.

Published on Feb 16, 2017

Wayne National Forest is being sold off to frackers! We have only a short time to #KeepWayneWild

A Forest Returns:

 The Success Story of Ohio's Only National Forest

In this documentary, Ora Anderson recalls the environmental and social conditions that led to the establishment of the Wayne National Forest and our evolving relationship with the land. Along with historical photographs and evocative music, Anderson's first-hand account gives life to a significant chapter of American history with clarity, hope, and a uniquely Appalachian perspective

Areas of Wayne National Forest, Ohio's only national forest, will be auctioned off to oil and gas companies for fracking next month. WNF is home to many endangered and threatened wildlife, as well as, a popular area that provides resources and recreation to its surroundings. It's time to take action for WNF! It's time to take action for mankind! -By Eighth Fire


Produced by Josh Fox, this film investigates instances of air and water pollution caused by fracking. Ground water becomes so contaminated that it becomes flammable, and millions of litres of poisonous gases are released from the rigs. Watch this film, and make sure you stand up to any companies trying to force you to let them drill!

Save The Wayne 2016- A Documentary

Fracking in WNF awareness video
WNF still healing from coal drainage video
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